Diet Pineapple Upside-Down Soda Cakes

Using diet soda to replace the ingredients added to boxed cake mix is a very old trick, but I thought I might just impart this wisdom on the couple of you that don’t know yet. You can take any boxed cake mix and add any diet soda to it an you get a moist cake with half the calories compared to if you had made the cake following the directions. This has been my saving grace for weight watchers…because I love my cake. (more…)


South Your Mouth has been making my mouth water

So this isn’t a food or a life blog really. This is just me being excited and wanting to share things with you. I just wanted to drop a line to say how much I have been enjoying another blog. The other day I bumped into the blog South Your Mouth, and I have been addicted ever since. The blog is written by a sassy southern lady named Mandy Rivers. (more…)

Orange Crunch Cake

I hope you all had a very happy Easter. I know I did. Look at the cute Easter basket Barbecue Man made for me. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

He’s so good to me: all my favorite candies and coffees.

Since it was Easter I had to break out my favorite cake recipe. I say break out, like I only make it for Easter, but in reality I use this recipe for everything. I give out this recipe, because I believe in sharing. My mom has always been a church preschool teacher and she sings this song with the kids that goes… Love is something if you give it away, give it away, give it away. Love is something if you give it away, you end up having more. So I am giving out this recipe because I love you, and I hope more people start making this. (more…)

Ballpark Garlic Fries (No sports required)

It’s now baseball season and my mom has a running joke when I attend baseball games (which isn’t very often) where she asks “what did you eat?” instead of “how was the game?”. When I was a little tyke, my dad would take me to Colorado Rockies games (we lived in Denver at the time), in an attempt to culture me in sports. It never really stuck. I was not a very athletic kid (still not an athletic adult) and didn’t really have too much of an interest in watching other people in matching outfits run around in the dirt. My father would take me to these baseball games and when I would get home my mother would ask me “how was the game?” and I would tell her “I ate a hot dog, I got a foam finger, I ate some dip n dots” and she would just laugh and say “did you watch the game or eat the game?”. I ate the game. (more…)

To breakfast tacos, with love

If you know me, which you don’t because this a fairly anonymous blog I have only been writing for a week, then you know that I love breakfast. I have lived the majority of my life, not being aboard the breakfast bandwagon. When people would ask me if I wanted to go to breakfast or brunch I would ask, “why?”. I never understood why people would want to eat breakfast when you can indulge in dinner or better yet dessert. Then I discovered breakfast burritos. I think breakfast burritos and I’s love affair started during a trip to Huntington Beach with Barbecue Man. We were down there going to a wedding for one of Barbecue Man’s best friends. I have been living in Northern California and have really not been exposed to proper Mexican food, so every time I have ventured down to Southern California it has always turned into a binge-fest of what is always the best Mexican food of my life. During that trip I ate a breakfast burrito every morning, each day at a different restaurant. I couldn’t get enough of them.  (more…)

Jambalaya for a very sick barbecue man

My loving boyfriend, barbecue man, is sick. Just for some background information, barbecue man got his name because when we met he was an event coordinator for a barbecue company, so obviously he was properly named barbecue man (or even more specifically rough tough sexy barbecue man, but I will save you from the mushy stuff). Anyways, barbecue man is sick and he is always so sad when he is sick. So I decided he needed something spicy to clear out his sinuses. So I’m making jambalaya! (more…)

My New Hobby

This morning I woke up and realized that I need a hobby. I think this is a realization most people come to, especially around my age. I am 23, which according to Blink 182 is an age when no one likes you. I am starting to wonder if there is some truth in this 90’s-pop-punk wisdom. I graduated college about a year ago and moved from a big city back into my suburban home town. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, this move has brought amazing things for me: a new job and an incredibly handsome boyfriend…but it definitely didn’t leave me time for any hobbies. Now that I have graduated my life is completely different. (more…)