South Your Mouth has been making my mouth water

So this isn’t a food or a life blog really. This is just me being excited and wanting to share things with you. I just wanted to drop a line to say how much I have been enjoying another blog. The other day I bumped into the blog South Your Mouth, and I have been addicted ever since. The blog is written by a sassy southern lady named Mandy Rivers. (more…)


Pungently Odd Oogy Pumpkin Pucks (AKA POOPP)

I check-in with God on a daily basis and right now I really feel like he is telling me that I am not destined to be a hippie mom blogger. You already saw what happened with my gummies…well I’m at it again with my crazy hippie mom blogger recipe antics. This time I tried pumpkin muffins. Every morning I go to Peet’s Coffee before work and it is not the coffee dependency or the unnecessary spending money that bothers me about this routine morning visit…it’s the calories in what I get. I am trying to be good and healthy when I think about it. For a while my routine was always a small cappuccino and a piece of pumpkin bread. (more…)

To breakfast tacos, with love

If you know me, which you don’t because this a fairly anonymous blog I have only been writing for a week, then you know that I love breakfast. I have lived the majority of my life, not being aboard the breakfast bandwagon. When people would ask me if I wanted to go to breakfast or brunch I would ask, “why?”. I never understood why people would want to eat breakfast when you can indulge in dinner or better yet dessert. Then I discovered breakfast burritos. I think breakfast burritos and I’s love affair started during a trip to Huntington Beach with Barbecue Man. We were down there going to a wedding for one of Barbecue Man’s best friends. I have been living in Northern California and have really not been exposed to proper Mexican food, so every time I have ventured down to Southern California it has always turned into a binge-fest of what is always the best Mexican food of my life. During that trip I ate a breakfast burrito every morning, each day at a different restaurant. I couldn’t get enough of them.  (more…)