Ballpark Garlic Fries (No sports required)

It’s now baseball season and my mom has a running joke when I attend baseball games (which isn’t very often) where she asks “what did you eat?” instead of “how was the game?”. When I was a little tyke, my dad would take me to Colorado Rockies games (we lived in Denver at the time), in an attempt to culture me in sports. It never really stuck. I was not a very athletic kid (still not an athletic adult) and didn’t really have too much of an interest in watching other people in matching outfits run around in the dirt. My father would take me to these baseball games and when I would get home my mother would ask me “how was the game?” and I would tell her “I ate a hot dog, I got a foam finger, I ate some dip n dots” and she would just laugh and say “did you watch the game or eat the game?”. I ate the game. (more…)


Spring Fever

I have spring fever in more than one way right now. I am both a human pile of used tissues due to my horrible allergies, as well as too excited for Easter to function. See what I did there with my double meanings for spring fever?

I won’t bore you with the grody details of my spring allergies, because I am sure, chances are you probably have them too. Lets just say I feel like I look an awful lot like that booger wearing  the suspenders in the Mucinex commercials. (more…)

Pungently Odd Oogy Pumpkin Pucks (AKA POOPP)

I check-in with God on a daily basis and right now I really feel like he is telling me that I am not destined to be a hippie mom blogger. You already saw what happened with my gummies…well I’m at it again with my crazy hippie mom blogger recipe antics. This time I tried pumpkin muffins. Every morning I go to Peet’s Coffee before work and it is not the coffee dependency or the unnecessary spending money that bothers me about this routine morning visit…it’s the calories in what I get. I am trying to be good and healthy when I think about it. For a while my routine was always a small cappuccino and a piece of pumpkin bread. (more…)

Healthy Hippie Mom Blog Gummies

For some reason I am very drawn to organic natural hippie mom blogs. I think it might be because the essence of those blogs are so different than who I am as a person. These gorgeous women, with their yoga mats, their tousled hair, their whole foods bags. I don’t want to have lunch with them, I want to watch them like a national geographic documentary. They are a species I can never understand. Don’t get me wrong this is not a jealousy rant on moms that look like fitness models. I think there’s something to be said for someone who loves their family enough that they want to keep them from the toxins and unnecessary chemicals in the world. (more…)

“I’d rather be eating a burger” salad

Barbecue man and myself are trying to get serious about this healthy eating thing. Thank goodness I have barbecue man, otherwise I would model my eat habits after the kid in “Home Alone”, because deep down inside I am a 10 year old who wants to eat candy for breakfast. Barbecue Man constantly reminds me that broccoli is not the enemy…bless his heart. We are being so serious we even gave up soda and fast food for lent. Still somehow I still don’t feel like Jesus and I are even. He died for my sins and I’m not drinking carbonated beverages or spending extra money on food that is horrible for me, they just don’t seem equal. I’ll keep working at it.   (more…)

Learning a thing or two about Mac and Cheese at Homeroom

So I know you are all going to hate me, but for a long time I have not been a fan of mac and cheese. I know…it’s a crime. Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetFor some reason mac and cheese is America’s sweetheart of squishy cheesy dishes, but it never has really been a favorite of mine. Growing up, my parents, like most parents, fixed Kraft macaroni and cheese. I think this is where my dislike for mac and cheese comes from. Maybe it was the neon orange color, or the squish noise it makes when you swirl a spoon around in it, or the soggy texture the noodles get when you over-cook them, but most likely it was all of the above. (more…)

Heavenly Greek Yogurt Dipped Blueberry Granola Bars

After the pumpkin butterscotch granola bars were such a hit, I decided to try my hand at another granola  bar recipe, this one is adapted from the blog, Half Baked Harvest, who made a mean batch of Greek-yogurt dipped blueberry granola bars. If you aren’t familiar with Half Baked Harvest, this blog has great natural variations of family friendly recipes. I don’t have children yet, myself, but I do happen to have the sophistication of a child’s palate and I approve these recipes. I will give you a warning that despite the illusion that this is a healthy recipe the fact that these granola bars taste like blueberry cobbler is making me think twice. (more…)