Oh, the weather outside is weather…

It’s snowing! Just kidding…I live in California! It’s Christmas time and I have not written a blog in about a million years. Life gets busy and blogging/creative writing moves to the bottom of the to-do list. Isn’t it funny how when times get stressful we move the things that we enjoy most to the bottom of our lists? Why do we do we do that to ourselves? I’m going to try to make that enlightened realization the focus of my New Year’s resolutions. Life has been going full-force, I have been burying my head in books for the last three months studying for an insurance designation. Which is where you take a bunch of hard tests (all having to do with insurance /finance/law topics) and then you get to add a bunch of letters after your name on your business card. My letters in a couple years will hopefully read CPCU. I am also preparing for a promotion at work, I’ll be changing offices and taking on a lot more responsibility then I had before. Which is a really good thing. But with all of the studying and transition it hasn’t left a lot of time for things like blogging. So now it is time to put the stress and the worry away and focus on Christmas. So I have prepared everything that I am going to pack into the next week to get the most out of my Christmas time.

  1. Watch Elf at least 3 times
  2. Decorate a gingerbread house
  3. Make gingerbread zombies for my gingerbread trailer park- these are separate from my gingerbread house, since it feels a little blasphemous to make these instead of a traditional house
  4. Make a bunch of eggnog lattes (I used to go to school in SF and there was a coffee stand at the school that made them with real eggnog, now I can’t go back to Starbucks syrup made eggnog lattes- it’s just not the same)
  5. Pack blankets and hot chocolate in the car and drive around my neighborhood with Barbecue Man to appreciate everyone’s beautiful Christmas lights
  6. Make an assortment of Christmas cookies- I think this might be a little ambitious on my part with only a week until Christmas, but go big or go home, right?
  7. Make spiced cider (and by spiced I really mean spiked, I just got gingerbread SoCo and I need to put it to good use)
  8. Enjoy a fireplace fire at least once
  9. Do something with some candy canes
  10. Do a little fa la la-ing

I got a little lazy towards the end of the list, but I am definitely psyched about my Christmas countdown. Hope you are all enjoying your holidays and making the most of the season!

Merry Christmas!



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