Brownies, Brownies they are a musical fruit…

Guess what I made?

A monster.

Apparently you can cut the fat in brownies and increase the fiber by adding a can of black beans to the brownies instead of following the directions. I wont lie to you and say these are awesome. They kind of have a less chocolaty taste than normal brownies and a stranger more chewy texture (not really in a good way though). But if you are trying to do more of the exercising thing and less of the eating brownies in your bed (or couch, or car, or cubicle) like me, this is a nice way to trick yourself. You’ll get excited because you have a brownie and then less excited after you eat it and then you might not want another one after that. I like all those things. I opted for Ghiradeli turtle brownies because I has a suspicion that these might be funny tasting, so I had enough foresight to buy a mix that comes with extra sugar you can drizzle on top to mask the taste of things that probably shouldn’t be in your brownies.


All you do for the brownies is rinse and drain a can of black beans. Pour the black beans back in the can and cover with water.


Then pour black beans and water into blend and blend till smooth.


Pour this liquid into the dry brownie mix and bake as directed on the box.


These are not a bad place to start if you are looking for a diet option that doesn’t involve all of the apartame or other fake sugars, like my diet pineapple upside down cakes I posted earlier. With only 4 points plus a brownie (when made in a pan of 20) this is a more natural option to have your cake and eat it too. Some improvements that I would suggest for these bad boys would be a dark chocolate brownie mix or the addition of some extra cocoa powder or chocolate chips. Another good addition might be some mint extract in some sugar free icing for some mint brownies, some nuts and mini marshmallows added for rocky road brownies, or some cinnamon and cyan pepper for Mexican hot chocolate brownies (they already have the black beans for some Mexican flare).


So have fun making these. Just don’t eat the whole pan… remember, they are made of beans.


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