WW (Weight Watchers and Waffle-less Wimpers)

Do you miss me? I miss you too. Life has been crazy. Did you know that insurance has a busy season? Cuz it does apparently. Apparently everything goes haywire in January and again in July. I haven’t been posting much because I started a new adventure. I started Weight Watchers. I started it a little over a month ago and it is going well, down 7 lbs but I haven’t mastered fully enjoying what I am eating yet. I believe that enjoying what you are eating is the diet mecca that everyone wants to get to. That place where you can look at a pile of baby carrots and think “what a good snack” instead of “at least these are the same color as Doritos”. I’m still in my first stage of food grieving, “denial”. I keep thinking there must be a healthy option at In N Out or Mexican food isn’t that bad for me. I can see myself slowly creeping up to “bargaining”. I’ll tell barbecue man that I’ll take a walk if we get something sweet and then I conveniently get too busy with my ice cream to walk.

I know these things take time, but I am determined to learn how to make healthy life choices. I’ve started eating vegetables I don’t regularly eat, like spaghetti squash and have learned that I can hide zucchini in a lot of things (burritos, rice, pizza, pasta) and they are all still edible. You can hardly tell it’s hiding in there. But I am determined to try enough fruits and vegetables in a variety of different ways till I have favorites. Right now all vegetables and fruit are created equal…except pineapple, that stuff has always been delicious. Dole whip… ‘nuf said. The thing about Weight Watchers it it kind of teaches you to game the food pyramid, which I think it kind of funny. I spend every Saturday morning attending a self help meeting with a room full of deprived grumpy middle aged women. And heck if these women aren’t creative. Hell hath no fury like a hungry dieting woman. They have come up with all these dieting hacks. Things like adding diet soda to cupcakes to lower the calories, adding applesauce or black beans or even water soaked fiber cereal to brownie mix to cut down the points. Suggesting new brands of yogurt or cereal or ice cream that have just a couple less calories or a couple less grams of fat. I enjoy this creativity about it and it has become a little bit of a game to see how much can I get away with with such a little amount of points. But I try to draw myself back to why I am doing this…not to live myself gaming the nutritional pyramid but to actually enjoy fresh food. To feel the life and the energy that food from the Earth can give you.

So as I go through this journey I may have to cut down on the amount of cakes I bake and add a few more recipes for vegetable side dishes or healthy dinner ideas, but I know there are people who enjoy those posts just as much. And as you find fresh and innovative cooking ideas of your own please always feel free to post your new finds in the comment section. I will always appreciate them.

Someday I will reach “acceptance” in my food grieving process and I will someday think the gym is fun and that fruit kabobs are an acceptable form of dessert. Until then I will continue to watch the fitness models in the front window of the gym near my grocery store like they are an exhibit at the zoo and will continue to strive to make vegetables taste like Taco Bell.


Dieting in Danville



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