Ballpark Garlic Fries (No sports required)

It’s now baseball season and my mom has a running joke when I attend baseball games (which isn’t very often) where she asks “what did you eat?” instead of “how was the game?”. When I was a little tyke, my dad would take me to Colorado Rockies games (we lived in Denver at the time), in an attempt to culture me in sports. It never really stuck. I was not a very athletic kid (still not an athletic adult) and didn’t really have too much of an interest in watching other people in matching outfits run around in the dirt. My father would take me to these baseball games and when I would get home my mother would ask me “how was the game?” and I would tell her “I ate a hot dog, I got a foam finger, I ate some dip n dots” and she would just laugh and say “did you watch the game or eat the game?”. I ate the game.

I still eat the game, but I can not save stadium food for only the rare occasions that I sit through an organized sporting event. Especially garlic fries. These stinky sticks of oily goodness are by far my favorite unhealthy greasy ballpark food. So when Barbecue Man wants to watch a game at home, or I am craving garlic breath that will last till next Tuesday, I make a batch of garlic fries. These are so easy to make at home.

Bake frozen fries as directed on the bag. You can also cut potatoes into wedges and soak them in water for 10 mins (if your an over-achiever) to get them starchy and bake at 400 for 40 mins turning constantly and coating them lightly in oil. Its a good method, but some time convenience trumps all.

While the fries bake put some olive or canola oil in a saucepan and heat on medium high heat. Add the garlic to this and simmer. You want to ensure the heat is not too high as too not scorch the garlic. By heating the garlic in the oil you are infusing the oil with garlic flavor to coat all of the fries. And the smell will ensure you don’t have any vampires visit you that night. Now I am kind of spice junky, so I like to add jalapenos and green chilies to my oil as well. By simmering these along with the garlic, you are infusing the pepper’s spice and flavor in the oil as well.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Once your fries are baked, season them with salt and pepper and add your garlic (or garlic and jalapeno mix) on top of the fries and toss. If you are doing just garlic you could then add some Parmesan cheese (powdered or grated) or even feta (which is super tasty). You can always improve things with cheese.

Look how pretty.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

While I have mastered ballpark food, unfortunately my sports attention span has not changed over the years. Barbecue Man never lets me forget our conversation during the last Superbowl. We sat together and watched the Superbowl quietly. I was determined to pay attention and try my best to follow the game. I actually kind of find football entertaining; It’s easier for me to follow than baseball, and none of the players are not as cute as hockey players (right ladies?) so this combo makes it easy for me to pay attention. We watched quietly, and I tried to focus and pretend to follow the game. I think Barbecue Man thought I was absolutely enthralled in the game, so sucked in I couldn’t even talk. But it was more like I had one thing on my mind and was trying to figure out to word it…So I just blurted it out, “what kind of underwear do you have to wear when you play football, because they are wearing really tight white pants and have no panty lines?” Barbecue Man burst out laughing. Now when the topic of sports comes up I am constantly reminded of my sports talk faux pas. So now if I am going to talk about lines I try to keep it about the defensive line instead of panty lines. But I still think this is a legitimate question that needs to be addressed. So if you ever see me at a party, you may want to talk about something other than sports with me, or I will be forced to break out my sports vocabulary: garlic fries, foam finger, goal, Michael Jordan, Space Jam, hockey, dip n dots and Babe Ruth (I also am well versed in the candy bar).


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