Spring Fever

I have spring fever in more than one way right now. I am both a human pile of used tissues due to my horrible allergies, as well as too excited for Easter to function. See what I did there with my double meanings for spring fever?

I won’t bore you with the grody details of my spring allergies, because I am sure, chances are you probably have them too. Lets just say I feel like I look an awful lot like that booger wearing  the suspenders in the Mucinex commercials.

Let’s talk about Easter, shall we? Ever since I was a little girl Easter has been one of my favorite holidays. I was not really a girly girl growing up but there was just something about Jesus, baby animals, jelly beans and pastel colors that really made Easter worth celebrating. I think part of my fondness for Easter comes from my appreciation for the hard work my parents put into this holiday when I was a child.

Early into the spring season my mother would decorate the house with glass bunny sculptures, festive egg shaped candle holders and baskets upon baskets. And looking back I appreciate more than anything the effort they put into making easter special. As a child we moved around the country a lot and often had to fly home to Northern California to see our extended family for Easter, so there were many Easter mornings that I woke up to a beautifully packed Easter basket next to the foot of my bed in our hotel room. How my mother got those Easter baskets in her suitcase is about as miraculous to me at this age as the myth of the Easter bunny was to me back then.

So last week I decided it was time to kick off my Easter season. And nothing says spring more than flowers. So I called up Barbecue Man and told him we were making a vegetable bouquet…and like all manly men he couldn’t have been more thrilled. So I told Barbecue Man to contain his excitement surrounding our future floral masterpiece and we headed to Trader Joes. I picked up all sorts of green leafy things that I would much rather see in a vase than on my plate such as baby broccoli, bok choy, artichokes and brussel sprouts and grabbed all the most Easter-y purple flowers which included tulips and snapdragons.

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Then we went back to Barbecue Man’s house, cracked open some beers and let the flowers fly. Just kidding we laid out a bunch of vegetables out on a porch and took a bunch of pictures of them. Because what could be more normal than that? I gave Barbecue Man the task of skewering brussel sprouts, since he has a lots of experience in the kabob department and I set out floofing and fawning over my flora.

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

I was so happy with the outcome. I have been staring at it so much this past week I forgot to write a blog post. Sorry. And just to brag about the cute vase it’s in, I found it a flea market for $5. I’m a happy girl.

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

*Disclaimer: Spring floral arrangements do nothing to curtail spring allergies.


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