Healthy Hippie Mom Blog Gummies

For some reason I am very drawn to organic natural hippie mom blogs. I think it might be because the essence of those blogs are so different than who I am as a person. These gorgeous women, with their yoga mats, their tousled hair, their whole foods bags. I don’t want to have lunch with them, I want to watch them like a national geographic documentary. They are a species I can never understand. Don’t get me wrong this is not a jealousy rant on moms that look like fitness models. I think there’s something to be said for someone who loves their family enough that they want to keep them from the toxins and unnecessary chemicals in the world. I think that love and level of protection and commitment is beautiful and should be commended, but there is something to be said for living life to the fullest. Enjoying that slice of chocolate cake, watching that movie on the couch with your family instead of going to the gym…but I suppose all things in moderation. Some of the cake, but not all of the cake. Some of the gym, but not the gym 24 hrs a day….I think this will be a theme in my life. Learning the nuances of balancing one’s life. In an attempt to try to connect with my inner hippie mom blog (which is kind of hard to connect with as an unmarried 23 year old woman), I made healthy fruit snacks.

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This experiment was the cutest and grossest experiment yet. Use this as more of a lesson that a recipe, because these little suckers were disgusting.

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I heated blueberries, raspberries, lemon juice and a couple tablespoons of honey in a pot till heated through and the berries had released a lot of juice, I then pureed this mix in a small blender. I call it my “baby blender”, because it is the perfect size for a single person smoothie. Remind me, and i’ll show it to you sometime. I then returned the blended mix to the pot and added in six packets of unflavored Knox gelatin. If you think this sounds like a lot of gelatin you would be right, but without it I have a suspicion that this would turn into just plain old purple jello. The amount of gelatin is what turns it into fruit snacks. And despite not being a fan of the taste, the consistency of these where exactly like their cartoon shaped counterparts that you buy at the store.

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I then poured this mix into the cutest heart shaped molds in the world. I think that’s the part of this experiment that actually went well. I found these cute little molds at Daiso, a Japanese import store. I was actually looking for something cute to help make the gummies and nobody does cute better than Japanese import stores.

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Anyways, they came out really cute…and tasted horrible. Barbecue Man tried to console me and tell me they were not the worst thing he had ever eaten, but I know they were pretty vile. They had this horrible bitter after taste. I was hoping they would taste more like the brightly colored Scooby Doo gems I consumed as a child. I may have failed this time, but I am going to try it again with some other methods; maybe a different fruit combination, maybe some fresh squeezed juice. I am determined one day to have perfect children that I feed these perfect healthy fruit snacks to before yoga class. But until then at least I know, if I make some good ones, that Barbecue Man and I aren’t snacking on crap while we watch Castle.

P.S. I’ll report back if I make a good batch. So expect a “Healthy Hippie Mom Blog Gummies Part II”.


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