“I’d rather be eating a burger” salad

Barbecue man and myself are trying to get serious about this healthy eating thing. Thank goodness I have barbecue man, otherwise I would model my eat habits after the kid in “Home Alone”, because deep down inside I am a 10 year old who wants to eat candy for breakfast. Barbecue Man constantly reminds me that broccoli is not the enemy…bless his heart. We are being so serious we even gave up soda and fast food for lent. Still somehow I still don’t feel like Jesus and I are even. He died for my sins and I’m not drinking carbonated beverages or spending extra money on food that is horrible for me, they just don’t seem equal. I’ll keep working at it.  

Last night I had a real craving for In-n-out. If you are not from California and have never heard of In-n-out, it’s a burger chain that specializes is the absolute best burgers and most glorious fries on the planet (this admiration triples when you’re intoxicated). Their burgers are pretty much the same as any other fast food burger place, or at least any other burger place that uses fresh produce (so I guess we can exclude Mickey D’s). The best part is not only do the cheeseburgers have really good cheese but they also have a ridiculous amount of onions and what they call their “special sauce”, which I have concluded is very ketchup-y thousand island dressing. The other thing that makes In-n-out really addictive are their fries that they have named animal fries. These are french fries covered in cheese, special sauce and caramelized onions. Obviously both of these delectable items are off the menu for me for the next 40 days. Since I wasn’t going to fill my mouth hole with either of these I had to come up with a new game plan…this desperation gave birth to the cheeseburger salad.

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I concocted a salad of romaine, tomatoes, avocado and red onions. Technically you could use any veggies you want, but I stayed true to what would actually be on the burger of my dreams. You could make this even more amazing and add jalapenos, green chilies, grilled onions and mushrooms, and the list goes on an on. But I threw a crap ton of pickles on mine! I absolutely love pickles, when I was in college I had a roommate who called me Snookie, after the hot-mess of Jersey Shore, because in the same fashion as the spray-tan temptress I often would come home late at night from parties, put on my slippers and eat pickles out of the jar. They were not my proudest moments, or my favorite nickname, but they happened. I digress. I am very specific about what type of pickles I eat, they have to come from the refrigerated section of the grocery store, they have to be dill and they have to be very garlicky. I would say if you do make this, do not buy cheap pickles. I think the mix of pickles and heavy red onion help you trick your taste buds into thinking your eating a burger, but haven’t made it to the bun yet. Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

I then made “special sauce” to go on my cheeseburger salad. I mixed together half a diced pickle (yes, even more pickles), two tablespoons of light mayo (not the kind of heaping table spoons you reserve for things you love like peanut butter, but the kind of spoonful you use when measuring how much of your peanut butter you are going to give to someone you don’t like), last I put in a couple squirts of ketchup, if we measured it I would say it was maybe two tablespoons as well. If you haven’t read this blog before you will noticed that a lot of my stuff isn’t measured. I come from a long line of women who measured things in terms of palms, fingers and Dixie cups. Anyways, this sauce did the trick. A lot of times low fat thousand island, ranch and blue cheese dressings have a strange snot consistency, so I opted to mix up my own.

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The finishing touch for a cheeseburger salad is a cheeseburger! Duh! Barbecue Man and I used Jennie-O turkey burgers that we broiled with some salt and pepper. I can’t instruct you on how to cook that because meat is not my forte, that is Barbecue Man’s job. You can’t beat his meat. (I’m sorry I had to say it). After we broiled them we threw a slice of fat-free American cheese on top of them to melt a little more. And it came out delicious!

I am pretty proud of myself for making a salad instead of succumbing to the siren song of the In-n-out drive through…and the best part is it was only 429 calories! there was much more fat that I would have liked, but I can adjust the amount of avocado and mayo. At least none of the fat was saturated.


Here’s my little screen cap of the nutrition for the recipe. If you haven’t found out about this already, there is an app called My Fitness Pal that is amazing if you are counting calories. It will even help you work out nutrition info for recipes…just in case you wanted to know how  many calories where in those peanut butter chocolate chip cookies you made the other night. But let’s be honest, you don’t.

Anyways, I’ll see you in forty days In-n-out!


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