My New Hobby

This morning I woke up and realized that I need a hobby. I think this is a realization most people come to, especially around my age. I am 23, which according to Blink 182 is an age when no one likes you. I am starting to wonder if there is some truth in this 90’s-pop-punk wisdom. I graduated college about a year ago and moved from a big city back into my suburban home town. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, this move has brought amazing things for me: a new job and an incredibly handsome boyfriend…but it definitely didn’t leave me time for any hobbies. Now that I have graduated my life is completely different. This time last year I was waking up late, eating Captain Crunch in my pjs, going to class in my pjs, coming home and binge watching Netflix in my pjs, and then putting on a ton of makeup, a short dress and heading off to the nearest frat party. Besides the fact that I can no longer pursue the majority of my daily agenda in my pajamas, I have had to get a real job and I now work for “the man”. This whole year has been both a wake up call and a blessing. I have had an abundance of blessings, all of which I am so grateful for…but I now realize I am a grown up, and it’s time to do grown up things. So I guess I now have to find a grown up hobby, don’t you think? I didn’t just decide on blogging/food blogging out of the blue. I have tried my hand at blogging many times, but it never quite stuck before. The things I am best at on this earth include: cooking, baking, looking for bugs, knowing all the words to songs on the radio, wearing a lot of makeup, eating food, watching a ton of YouTube videos, looking at magazines in bookstores (but not buying them), texting people silly faces that I make, and pinteresting (if this is not a verb it should be). Notice blogging is not on this list, but it’s time to try something new. I can not promise this will be a pinteresty-stay-at-home-mom kind of food blog, but more of a “my drunk kitchen” homage. So thanks for tuning in to my new hobby.


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